played a 6$ regular for fun :)

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      hi there :D
      from time to time i like to play some small nl tournaments when i had a good day playing fl cashgame. so yesterday was a good day and i decided to play a 6$ regular just for fun...

      well now i´m sitting here at 7 a.m., my head is exploding and i´m tired like hell but i am 358,80$ richer :D :D :D
      additionally i was able to win my first multi-table online tournament :)

      can´t remember many hands but in the final one i had 5 :diamond: 7 :diamond: and called a minraise, i flopped an oesd and check/raised the flop. the other guy called after thinking for about 10 minutes :P
      turn was the K :diamond: so i had an oesd + a flushdraw. my stack was a bit more than half the pot so i pushed all in using the K as a scarecard, hoping for some foldequity and finally i hit my oesd... he had a small pair i think..

      maybe i played the hand as poor as i could but hey: i´m a fixed limit player :P

      the problem is that i can´t go to bed now because the first episode of high stakes poker has finished downloading right now :D

      good night :)
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