Questions abuot HU SnG strategy

    • silvery
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      Sorry but my English is not perfect, although I don't find the answer for my HU strategy questions in the forum of my nation.
      I play micro stakes HU SnG on Titan.

      Firstly i would like to ask about the reraise range.
      I know I have to openraise a big range of ma hands, on the micro stake ( 2 dollar ) I opneraise on the buttton with 45% or more.
      But how can I defin my reraise range. I see in a lot of articles how the people reraise when the different between Hero's and Villian's range is 20%. So Hero is better with about 20%. What's your opinion about it???

      Secondly should i only call villian's openraise pre??? A watched videos when Hero called the pre oenraise with A4, A4, A6. I call with A2-A6 and i think the suited connectors, one gap suited connectors are variable hands so i can only call and reraise pre because the Villian doesn't put these hands ito my reraise range so a get godd implied odds when I hit a godd hand on the flop.
      What do you think about these calls???
      Do you think the change with teh suited cinnectors, and one gap suited connectors is good???

      I always reraise with pocketpairs pre. What do you think about it??

      I usually make a contibet on the flop. What is the good percent in UH SnG for the cbet???
      What kind of flops should i leave the cbet??

      Thank you.
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    • Christorian
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      Hi Silvery,

      I can't answer your specific questions with anything other than it depends on villan, stack sizes, blinds etc but I found a good site that explains the SAGE HU strategy. Hope this helps.
    • nibbana
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      These are insanely complex questions that I imagine would fill a book in itself.
      I'm really looking forward to hearing a coach field this question properly, but until then here are my thoughts

      What I do know about HU poker is that you should be focusing on knowing, understanding and playing your opponent and not so much your own cards.
      The more aggressive player is almost always going to do better than a passive one at heads up.
      The player who adjusts to his opponents strategy quickest will do better than one who plays the same way every game.

      I can't answer your question about the difference between Hero's and Villains ranges, this is a little advanced for me.

      The following is for an average opponent:
      You should be raising the button with pretty much any two cards
      I would 3Bet all pocket pairs, A10+, KQ
      I would flat call A2-A9, K9-KJ, suited connectors and semi-connectors (I prefer this term to one gappers, I think I am alone!)
      I would occasionally call suited demi semi-connectors (two gappers, I swear this will catch on!)
      I would very occasionally call non-suited connectors / semi connectors
      I would fold everything else

      I think your cBet should be 80%+ and the flops I would leave would be the ones that miss you completely and also represent a flop that satisfies your opponents calling range preflop.

      I guess the main thing though is adjusting each range to your opponents BU raise, BB Call, 3bet and cBet frequencies.
    • NickParkes
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      HU is so opponent dependent that each match you're playing different ranges against different opponents... e.g:

      If you're up against a tag who open raises wide but can fold to a 3-bet, 3-bet wider... If you're up against a station who can't fold, 3-bet tighter and use your position instead... it's all about learning how to deal with each different opponent and what works. I also flat in the BB with hands that have good implied odds, and also to see how villain plays postflop and if I can float etc. I definitely flat > 3-bet in the early stages. Once I have an idea of range and the blinds get higher then it's a different ball game...

      I disagree with opening with virtually ATC. I limp a lot, with a variety of hands depending on the type of villain... if a loose passive calls ATC in BB and hardly ever folds to a c-bet, I limp, cos they also hardly ever raise from the BB.

      SAGE is pretty much for the dead end of the game, but when it comes to early phases I suggest becoming good at playing every style of poker vs every opponent. Learn what works against each opponent!