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Long journey starts - 50$ on Pokerstars

    • zghrv
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 400
      Hello dear pokerfellows.
      My name is Hrvoje, 30 years old coming from Zagreb - Croatia.
      Poker is in my life for about 8 months. I'll not comment on what happened in this period :) I'll rather focus on the future.
      I really can't remember how did I find but anyways here I am, glad it happened.
      All the best for the site, it's for sure the best site for poker begginers like me. I have read all basic and bronze articles and found them extremely helpfull.
      This blog is for me the beggining of my poker career which will be updated with the progress every Sunday from now on.
      If you are interested you'll find my plan below and keep track of my progres as it happens.

      Ok, here is the plan for the future:
      I'm starting with 50$ on Pokerstars under the nick zghrv1. I'll be playing 0,02-0,05 FR NL holdem- multitable on max 4 tables.
      I know it's not sticking to BRM, maybe a bit pretensious but with my poker knowlege I hope not to go broke, at least not on this limit.
      I'll be using elephant for stats and also post the graph every Sunday.
      Below you'll find a plan for next few months. As you can see plan for starting limit is 7$ a day so untill next Sunday I should be up on 100$.
      As I'm working from 9-17 I don't have lot of time for poker. I'll play fast tables with only full stacks - this means:
      7 days x 2-3 hours a day x 70 hands per hour x 4 tables = arround 5.000 hands a week.
      So I must earn 0,01$ per hand or 0,2 BB/100 hands. Impossible?? Let's see.
      If it doesn't go like planned, I'll reduce the plan.
      From every week I'll pick 5 most interesting hands, hopefully I'll get some comments.

      Below you'll find a table with a plan, from next week I'll also include elephant stats.
      Wish me luck, over and out.

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    • papaduuu
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 11
      50$ winnigs for 5000 hand its is 20BB/100 hand i think :) I wish you good luck
    • zghrv
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 400
      I think I got it right with the BB/100.
      Anyways, thanks for the good luck wish.
    • zghrv
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 400
      Sorry about BB/100 - it's 20BB/100.
    • zghrv
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 400
      Ok girls and boys, first week over so this is what happened.
      You see a little change, I'll post on Saturdays, somehow I like this day much more than Sunday - probably because on Sunday I know it's work tomorrow :)

      So what happened in the first week?
      Financially I managed to do what I planned - OK, on BB/100 a bit below - OK, the way I did it- NOT OK. Maybe I'm perfectionist sometimes but I think that my game is still full of leaks. This is enough for this limit and I'll not move untill I fix those leaks.

      How to fix? First I'll be rereading bronze articles and watch more videos, find spots similar to the ones where I made mistakes and see how to handle them.
      One more habit I gotta get rid of - SURFING THE NET WHILE PLAYING!!!! - this is one advice I'm sure I can give to anyone - stop doing it, you lose money.

      I'll just mention the hardest spots for me to play, maybe I'll get some answers here:
      1. villain who has 5% PFR raises from UTG and I have AK - reraise or not?? what if A or K hits the flop, push or not??
      2. overpairs on low boards without initiative??? donk, raise the flop, float???
      I'll focus on finding the answers to this two main topics next week and post the findings, comments ar more than welcome.

      Below is the Elephant graph - there was everything here, from great play to tilting, downswings, upswings, luck, unluck :)

      And the stats +2$ on plan!!
      Am I aggresive enough? Do I see too many hands? Do I see the showdown too often? Do I steal/defend BB correctly - 1000 questions!!!!

      5 most interesting hands - mistakes or not? Give your thaughts please.

      I don't know how to post the hands HERE - when I copy it from the elephant colour of the cards are not here - can anyone help.

      Thanks, please comment as much as you want.
    • flopraiser
      Joined: 30.01.2009 Posts: 202
      Try this for posting your hands

      Poker Strategy Hand Converter
    • zghrv
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 400
      thanks, I'll upload now
    • zghrv
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 400
    • zghrv
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 400
      Hi all.
      Second week over, so here is how it was.
      In general I would say that I played much better than first week, but with one important part missing - luck. I mean I really didn't have it - sucked out 5-6 times with a set on the river (villain hits his set or makes a flush or a straight ). I also lost my biggest pot this week - hand posted below so you can comment - unlucky or just badly played preflop?

      I didn't play so many hands this week as I was on a bussines trip in Vienna from Monday to Thursday. Nice city, visit if you can :)

      Also didn't have time to read all the articles as I promised - this stays on to do list for this week.

      Regarding the questions:
      1. villain who has 5% PFR raises from UTG and I have AK - reraise or not?? what if A or K hits the flop, push or not??
      I would say it like this - reraise it preflop!! Why?? I somehow found ot that this kind of players than makes two kind of decisions:
      - if they have AA or KK they reraise, in this case you have an easy read and you fold it.
      - if they have AK or even AQ they call your reraise. Also an easy read then - most of the time the board doesn't hit and with a contibet you get them off the hand representing overpair.

      2. overpairs on low boards without initiative??? donk, raise the flop, float???
      I would say float the flop, fold the turn if villain continues the aggresion.
      Why?? Players at this limit are just too afraid to lose money - at least that's my general feeling. If I do float, and aggresion stops on turn, I get them off the hand 90% of the time with a bet. We could analyse this much detailed, but let's leave it at this for now and this limit. For sure this topic will be back at the next limit.

      For next week I'll focus on the following and post the findings:
      - BB stealing and BB defence. If I look my stats I steal 19,8% snd fold it 83,1%. Not the best stats for it I think. I'll try to steal much more, and defend it more - hopefully it will be visible in the next week stats.

      Result of the week.
      As you can see I'm below the plan (luck factor) but anyways I'm keeping it as it was at the beggining. If my luck changes just a bit, I'll be back on track next week.

      Elephant graph

      Most interesting hands:

      Some hands ... comment needed
    • zghrv
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 400
      Ok people, 3 weeks behind me so here are the numbers and comments.
      First thanks everyone who is reading this blog, I see lot of you read it.
      What I miss is some more comments, I'm not getting any - does this mean it's boring???

      Week 3 was excellent, luck was on my side + I improved my game. Still I make the most stupid decisions sometimes, so long way to go.
      Week was so good that I managed to get to 0,1 limit yesterday (details in the stats section below).

      I tried to play as much as I can (almost 10.000 hands) and that took a lot of time. My future wife is a bit pissed so we made a deal - every cashout I make 30% goes to her. Guess what happened? She even brings me bear while I'm in the sofa playing :)

      Week focus was on BB stealing and defence. I tried to steal much more - you see it in the stats but I think I still fold BB to a steal too much. Is 80% too high??

      One important thing I should start is reading articles and learning more. This week I didn't read any single letter, I just played.

      So task for next week is to play less and learn more. Also I'll still focus on BB steal and defence.

      I finished 0,05 limit with following stats:

      All stats:
      - I'm 100$ higher than I planned - bankroll 299$.
      - increase of BB steal (ORLP) is almost 6%p this week.
      - decrease of BB fold to steal is 2%p but still too high i think.

      Elephant graph:

      Hand will not be posted this week.

      Over and out.
    • zghrv
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 400
      Week 4

      As you probably know last week I moved to 0,1 limit. There are so many fishes on this limit...... unfortunately I'm one of them.

      This week I played over 10.000 hands on this limit end ended up on - 65$.

      How did I managed that??

      I mean I didn't change my way of play from 0,05 limit, but players on this limit tend to call your bets much more often. It wouldn't be a big problem if I could stop my aggression but I just don't know when to stop :)

      I tend to contibet too often, especially heads up - flop 85%, turn 60%. This way of play brings me in real tough spots.

      Second problem is that I play (read call) too many hands out of position. Now I really found out the importance of playing in position.

      Third problem - I went broke too many times on marginal hands, especially on the flop. Just one example:
      I raise from MP AKo, BB calls
      Flop A22
      I bet, BB raise, I reraise all in, he snap calls.
      he called on A2o!!!!


      Focus of last week was BB play. I think this is really under control. I defend my BB much more often, it's all about the stats from your opponent.
      If he steals a lot, you can call almost with anything and reraise with a wide range. Stats show that I don't fold that easy :)

      Ok, focus on this week:
      - avoid playing hands outof position WITHOUT INITIATIVE.
      - I included stats for "fold to cb flop and turn" so no more random contibets.
      - create large pots ONLY with strong hands ( top pair IS NOT strong hand ).

      At least I'm still above my initial plan :)
      Minus is 44 and not 65 because I played one turnament and earned 20$.

      Plan for end of next week is +70$

      Will be posted next week, some trouble with the graph - I'm not lieing :)


      3 hands - go broke or not??
    • RMB
      Joined: 29.03.2008 Posts: 599
      Wow, It seems like it goes quite good for you.. Earning 163$ is good at those limits..

      Good luck in the future :D
    • zghrv
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 400
      You're right. Maybe I should be sattisfied with it, but I just don't see it.
      Thanks for the comment :)

      Just not to be stuck too long on 0,1$ limit.

      Goal is to be on 0,25 until 01.05.
    • zghrv
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 400
      Week 5
      Picture is worth a 1000 words.
      Week has not been good again, I'm -31$ and -96$ from my initial plan (plan stays the same for now).

      So what happened - nothing special, fish just stayed a fish. I made too many bad decisions.
      I analysed every hand I went broke, top 20 I'll post every week.
      Out of that 20 times 12 times I made a wrong decision - more than 65%.

      What I also find interesting is that on 2 strongest hands AA, KK this week I'm negative in earnings -25$ :)

      I'm not moving anywhere untill I sort this bad decisions. I just have to learn when to fold.
      This is for sure biggest leak in the game I have and only this will be in focus untill I sort it.
      In general I think I have it in me to be a solid poker player, it's just learning and learning. Every week, month you have to improve the part what you think is your biggest disadvantage to your opponents and take it step by step.

      I'm 100% sure that my next post will show a positive result.
      From next week I'll also include a bit of private stuff in the post, just to improve it a bit :)

      P.S Happy Easter to everyone, lots of health, happiness and of course luck....
      Elephant stats


      go broke or not?
      Go Broke Or Not 2
    • BattleHunter
      Joined: 12.11.2009 Posts: 880
      Btw I don't think it's a mistake to go broke on A22 board with AK. It could be when you're on a higher limit or against someone you have very reliable notes, but in a raised pot the number of hands that include a 2 is quite limited (I'd say only K2s and A2s are even remotely reasonable, some 23s could be there as well, but even the fish doesn't like playing deuces :P ).

      Since there are already 2 deuces on the board, that means there are only 6 hands that beat you (from my logic) on that flop, while I'm pretty sure all AQ (8 combos), AJ (8 combos) hands will pay off, sometimes even AT, KK/QQ might come along and you're extremely strong against those.

      On the other hand, going broke with the really marginal hands is a big no no :P cuz I do it all the time against fishes (bigger than me) - going broke with TP, Ten or less kicker just because I've seen them do something stupid doesn't mean a naked TP is always good against them :tongue:

      Now on a more general plan, I kind of dislike your goal system. You've probably seen this a thousand times, but making time/bankroll goals isn't really a good thing to do. Now just imagine you climb up to nl25 and get a small series of bad beats and coolers - you would have done nothing wrong, but you will have to move back a limit with something like -4bi (-$100) which would take some time to rebuild in nl10. If this happens, all weekly goals afterwards are doomed to fail while you've still done nothing wrong.

      Ohh and don't worry too much when a specific hand is getting cracked all the time. As I posted in another thread, when you ship AA preflop and T9s beats you that means you'll just take villain's money with your other hands ^^ I could give me for example - KK is the single hand I've lost most money with overall and it was mostly not to AA :P

      Anyway, post got quite long already, good luck with the hand analysis - it's a really helpful thing to do in order to improve, and better luck on the tables :D

    • zghrv
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 400
      Hi Hunter, thanks for your reply and comments. I really like the part when you encourage me.
      I didn't want to post the feeling I got, and the feeling it that I'm unlucky.
      Than I think about it, and try to explain it that you always remember twice as hard the hands when you went broke then the hands you doubled up.

      But I totaly agree with you, you have to have a clear strategy, no matter of the opponent.

      Hope you'll continue to follow the blog :)
    • zghrv
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 400
      Week 6

      Oki doki - week 6 was finally good. After two weeks of struggeling on this limit, I think I finally got it.
      I somehow got used to gameflow, so I even did some 6-tableing. Main difference to last few weeks is that in every hand I look at my opponents stats and try to put him on a hand.
      That really helped because if you put your opponents on a hand, then you can really anticipate their next move.
      Ok, in this case you can also always make a mistake, but it really helps.

      Also what I mentioned in my previous blogs, my contibet % was too high. I almost always did it - now it's a different story. No bluff contibets against calling stations.

      Also I did play much more aggresive and in position as I promised - it payed off :)

      One thing I would like to mention also, despite it's so low limit, you can really find some good players here.

      week 6 stats
      - on the tables I earned 125$
      - I cleared 50$ stellar on PokerStars
      - yeap, it's not wrong, I'm back on track to my initial plan

      Went broke hands - fortunately I have only 12 :)

      go broke or not
      go broke or no 2