Playing large pocket pairs in MTT profitably

    • Szkeptik
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      Hi all!

      I have a question that is pretty much explained in the title quite clearly. My problem is, that in MTT holdem with 10 people at the tabble I don't really know how to play with large pocket pairs (QQ,KK,AA) to make a real profit out of it.

      If I go in with a large bet preflop often everyone just folds, but if I let the flop come with many people still in the game there's a good chance that someone gets something better than a pair. This than often results in either me winning a ridiculously small amount of chips with something like AA preflop, or having to fold to an obvious straight, flush, drill post-flop.
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    • Justin37
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      Just play like what u should do raise 4x bb. Never slow play with AA or KK.

      If u lose so be it. I the long run, u will win more than losing. Winning the BB is better than losing ur entire buy-in.
    • vicadeboss
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      Man i never slowplay aa,kk especially on the early stages- bet it out(big)no matter what-from time to time someone will call his ak or other poket pair;if not ehh thas it-better win small then loose big
      when u go deeper 3-4xbb depending on position