How/ when to cash out.

    • jcheu4
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      I have recently received my starting capital of $50. I see that there is a $100 bonus which I'm required to clear. What I don't understand is, how/when would I be able withdraw real cash from my account.

      After I clear the $150 in total, would I need to continue to "clear"/ earn merit points for the extra cash that I have in the account. Meaning without personal deposit?

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    • thepowerplay
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      Pretty much. I got my starting capital through Cake, and only cleared about $20 of the extra $100. I have about $300, so I can withdraw the profit that I made without any problem, but the initial cash that Poker Strategy put up is restricted until you earn a certain amount of points... typically quite a lot.

      It's a fair deal, though, as PS wouldn't profit if people consistently took the money and run.
    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello jcheu4,

      You can find out all about clearing the starting capital and bonus @ 365 by clicking on the link below:

      How to clear the $50 Starting capital + bonuses (Updated 2nd Feb 2010)

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    • Ashleyheaton
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      To clear the $100 in bonus dollars you to earn merit points, each 1200 merit points you earn adds $10 into your cash balance. You have a period of 60 days to clear the bonus dollars also the initial $50 and any winnings you have will become withdrawable once you have earned 5000 merit points. Hopes this helps