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      I got this email the other day

      Hi, As you are a valued player on our site, we are pleased to offer you a special Full Tilt bonus of $300. To activate this bonus, log on to Full Tilt Poker between now and 23:59 ET on Sunday, March 14th and click "Check my bonus offer..." under the "Requests" menu. Full Tilt Poker

      and, I am really confused.

      I accepted the offer but I didn't get the $300 credited. Bonus menu says its active.

      Since I don't play at Fulltilt anymore, I don't have funds there - does this mean I've got to deposit money in order to take advantage of the bonus?

      Perhaps I've got to wait for the funds to be transferred, but its been like a day or so and no cash yet..

      I've also cleared the $50 bonus which PokerStrategy provides a few months back, perhaps thats the issue - the two bonuses conflict somehow?

      Idk, if someone has an idea please enlighten me because I've skimmed through other similar threads and info pages but nothing was really conclusive.

      I wrote to support but all they did was answer with a template mail saying my bonus was active...

      Really any info is much apretiated, thanks ^^
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