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      Hi! This is my first post :) . Anyway, I have some questions regarding rakeback, FTP & Strategy Points. I will first write what I've read about and than ask you what I don't understand.

      1) "Ring Games: For each dollar raked from a pot, every player who was dealt cards for that hand will receive 1 Full Tilt Point. For example, if $2.00 in rake is taken from a pot, each player who was dealt cards will receive 2 points. Fractional points are also awarded; if $2.25 in rake is taken, players will receive 2.25 points. A maximum of 3 points can be earned per hand."

      If I fold my hand, and other two players play a huge pot, theoreticaly I should receive the same amount of FTP and Rakeback like them because I was dealt cards. I know this is not true, but how is this working?

      2) "Full Tilt Poker $1 Rake = 2 StrategyPoints

      You can profit from 27% rakeback, great software and the chance to meet and speak with pros. Earn 2 StrategyPoints at PokerStrategy.com for every dollar of rake you generate at Full Tilt Poker. "

      If this is true, then how come i've made yesterday a couple of hundred FTP and only received 30 strategy points? If 1$ of rake means 1 FTP and 2 SP than I should have made 400 SP.

      3) Last question: On FT the total amount of FTP you have to make to realese the 50$ bonus is a little ove 800, and the normal rakeback is 27%.

      If I make 800 FTP it means I get 50$
      If every FTP is 1$ of rake, and i get 27% rakeback, then instead of the bonus i should have made 210$ ( 800x27/100)
      I know that this is also not true, but why? This is how I understand their statements on the site.

      Thanks in advance!

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    • LuborC
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      1) you do receive the same amount of FTPs as the players involved in the hand

      2)you get 2 SPs for every dollar of rake you generate. You get 1 FTP for every dollar of rake anybody at your table generates.

      3)This is already answered in pints 1 and 2.

      Also Rakeback FAQ (Look here first).
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      Hi mihaidonos,

      As LuborC has already covered your questions, I'll just like to say welcome to the forum.

      As you can see, we have lots of friendly and helpful members like LuborC here, any problems or further questions just shout.

      Look forward to seeing you active in the forum in due course.

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