Nut FD + AK overcards

    • snowylee
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      You raise preflop and gets one who limp called your raise. The board comes monotone and you hold the A, the nut FD. I made a contibet in this situation (Im not entirely sure if that was 100% correct though) and he calls. In this scenario should you just check behind or make another bet on turn or river? Or should you play check/call all the way?

      And ofc in THIS situation when Im IP its not supposed to be "check/call", silly me.. I was also thinking about how you would do it OOP.. So be so kind to separate the 2 situations hehe... Damn me and my sillines lol :P
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    • logitechzen
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      The contibet was 100 precent correct if you hold the ace.I personally like to bet my draws so I would bet the turn also and if I dont hit my flush on the river i check or if he bets i fold, but i think most of people would tell you to take a free card and see if you can catch your flush.
    • Mugge88
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      Cont bet here 100% i agree.

      If OOP on the flop and bet into, do some math and find out if you got the odds to call - remember the possibility that he might be semi-bluffing with a weaker flushdraw. If you cont bet and he calls, and you don't hit your flush on the turn it gets a little more complex - if you think the villain might fold to a second shot - go ahead and do it, if not then you don't have much more options than to c/c (or c/f if he bets too much). I will mostly lead out again on the turn in these situations.

      If IP you cont bet as normal, and I would mostly take the freecard on the turn in these cases.

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