Hi all

I don’t believe there is a college degree course anywhere for poker, is there?
I know you can study a degree in surfing and other sports, so why not poker?

I wonder if it would be possible or even worthwhile.
It would certainly be interesting.

What kind of modules would be in it?
Maths (obviously), the history of poker, body language, psychology, business???

Would it teach all types and forms of poker or just concentrate on a few?
I would suppose an online version would be best and I don’t mean like the Academy’s that are popping up on all the poker platforms nowadays.
If it was based on a campus what would be the drawbacks for the collage?
Would they have to get in poker pros to teach?

I think if it was structured right it would benefit people even outside of poker.
And let’s face it, you wouldn’t have to worry about finding a job.

Please post any pros or cons you would see with this idea.