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disconect protection abusers on everest!

    • vicadeboss
      Joined: 28.03.2009 Posts: 31
      ok so after 2 weeks playing only tournys and sng i played today 0.50-1nl on everest.not a bad run but i encountered 2 or 3 times some problems with some abusers of disconnect protection-the hand i will post does not involve me but clearly show how a player disconnects himself when facing a big turn bet and taking down the pot with his hand(showdown with the money that were on the table)-it happend to me twice in pot limit omaha but the pots were to small and i didn't knew what was happening-how can i play there anymore if this stuff is happening?what should i do-i feel confortable at the tables but at this point i don't think i can trigger anymore bluffs since anyone can just disconnect himself and take down the pot with no sweat-so am i suppose just to bet when i have a real hand or what?
      this stuff just blundered my game:(

      Everest Poker — Hand Details
      Hand ID: 5611558869
      Table ID: -141508077
      Play Mode: Real Money
      Table Name: Moroni-2
      Game Type: Hold'em
      Blinds: $0.50/$1.00
      Stakes: $1.00/$1.00
      Currency: USD
      Starting Date: 2010-03-03 GMT
      Starting Time: 04:40:36 GMT

      Seating Arrangement:

      cl4sh is at seat 2 with $103.25.
      viktorrey is at seat 4 with $81.50.
      Tunnie78 is at seat 5 with $354.45.

      Post Blinds:

      The button is at seat 5.
      Tunnie78 posts the small blind of $0.50.
      cl4sh posts the big blind of $1.00.
      viktorrey declines to post a blind.

      Deal Pocket Cards:

      cl4sh: -- --
      Tunnie78: -- --

      Tunnie78 raises $2.50.
      cl4sh raises $8.00.
      Tunnie78 calls $6.00.

      Flop (Kh 3c 8c):
      cl4sh checks.
      Tunnie78 checks.

      Turn (Kh 3c 8c 10c):
      cl4sh checks.
      Tunnie78 raises $13.50.
      cl4sh raises $30.50.
      Tunnie78 calls $0.00.?????????

      River (Kh 3c 8c 10c Kc):

      cl4sh shows Qs Qh.
      cl4sh has 10c Qs Qh Kh Kc: Two Pair
      Tunnie78 shows 5c 4c.
      Tunnie78 has 4c 5c 8c 10c Kc: Flush

      Pot Summary:
      $17.00 is returned to cl4sh (uncalled).
      Total Pot: $45.00
      Tunnie78 wins $44.00.
      House Rake: $1.00
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    • 1wayman
      Joined: 08.09.2008 Posts: 430
      if this is true its pretty awful of their software to allow it.
      Anyone who sits out should folded their hand as they do in other sites, and not to get a free showdown no matter what!
      That could be super exploitable on higher limits.
    • gormless
      Joined: 12.01.2010 Posts: 164
      Most sites have disconnection protection.
      Usually you only get 2, and then you have to request more.
      Obviously someone who keeps requesting more is declined.

      You do not know that he disconnected himself, it may have genuinely have been cut off. It could be that the software is naff and not that users are abusing it, or he may have a poor connection.

      In the hand you posted he may well have thought he had the best hand and kept betting and therefore would have won more
    • pinnryder
      Joined: 10.11.2009 Posts: 597
      I'm not sure if you have this option on Everest but on PartyPoker for example you can join tables without disconnection protection...
    • vicadeboss
      Joined: 28.03.2009 Posts: 31
      ''Dear viktorrey,

      Thank you for your inquiry.

      After carefully reviewing this hand history, we have sent a strict
      warning to the player. We reserve the right to ban his DBP privilege
      outright if this occurs a second time.

      If a similar situation arises again, do not hesitate to contact us.

      Thank you for your vigilance.

      Kind regards,
      Customer Care Team''

      the good thing about it is that i informed the site about it and they took the right measure for that not to happen again...
    • MikeyH
      Joined: 08.10.2008 Posts: 181
      I can't see many reasons why the player wouldn't want to call the 'almost' min-raise with a flush (with 2 in the hand, 3 on board) or re-raise.

      Are you sure this is a case of dp abuse?
    • tokyoaces
      Joined: 01.04.2009 Posts: 1,883
      I think if you read between the lines of the CS reps response you might assume that this was not the first time this player had done this. I imagine it would be fairly easy for them to check all of the situations where his disconnection protection was activated.