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Dry runs after long periods of play -- pattern..

    • altruist
      Joined: 29.05.2007 Posts: 121
      I've noticed a strange pattern.

      When I start playing on Party, I get hands like AA/KK/AKs/QQ and most (not all) of them stand up and win me either a large or small pot.

      After a while, I start getting messages from Party to type in the letters on this an image to verify I'm not a bot. Not really a problem, I have to type it in every half to a hour or so.. (haven't really kept track).

      But around the time those verification images start coming, I stop getting good hands.. I'm folding about 295/300 hands.

      When I don't get those verification messages, I'm playing about 1 in 24 hands (SSS).

      Anyone else notice this?

      I don't know if I'm making things up, but I've had this happen to me, exactly in this way, for a few days now. I start off fine, and the more I play the worse my cards and flops get.

      It's like PartyPoker thinks I'm a bot, or I've been playing too long, and decides not to give me any more money. Or maybe just to test to see how I'd react when I'm not getting cards. Of course usually I just keep folding, trying to play proper poker, but I wonder if that just makes them suspect more.

      I'm using a autohotkey program that lets me use the keyboard instead of my mouse (to prevent carpal tunnel) for things like fold, call, raise, etc. I wonder if that's why they think I'm a bot.

      In any case, I'm not a bot! Bot doesn't make stupid mistakes! I do! They have to notice that.. :D
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