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Career Update / Brag Post! (VERY LONG)

    • WarGawd
      Joined: 24.05.2007 Posts: 26
      So after getting my initial $50 and getting unlucky a lot with SSS I was down to $13. I knew I needed to drop levels if I was gonna survive, so I went to $.02/$.04 and was forced to play "standard" poker as the min buyin was not suited to SSS.

      First night I was able to get back to ~$49 (+ $36 or 900 BB!!!!)

      I continued that way for a while, until I was able to move up. Played $.05/$.10 again but stayed away from SSS due to past negative experience. My success continued and I was able to go to $10/$.25 shortly after.

      Some excellent play and +'ve variance combined allowed me to get my BR to > $350 not too long after. At that point I started taking cautious shots at $.25/$.50, tho I still don't play there much.

      At that time I also had the req'd BR to start playing the $11 SnG's and di pretty well in those. Also played about 50 of the Steps tourneys too and have gotten as far as wiining my way into a Step4 (but went busto on that

      Then my SnG success inspired me to take a few cracks at some MTT's. First one I tried (Monday night) was $11 /190 people. I CRUSHED IT!!! But then on the final table with a massive chip lead 3-handed, I was a bit too passive and only took 3rd for $160 instead of the 1st-place/$440 I probably should have had.

      So determined to learn from the experience, I played a $6 MTT with 270 people last night. Held the chip lead from somewhere around blind level 4 all the way to the final table. By the time it was 3-handed on FT, I had a HUUUUGE lead (630k chips vs 118k and 70k). After a while we were able to eliminate the 3rd player, I was heads up with ~ 580k : 200k. I was selectively aggressive (much improved over the night before), but my opponent kept catching his cards when he needed to. The chip lead swapped at least twice before we got all-in preflop and he caught again even though I had the lead pre-flop. So I took 2nd for $214 instead of $360.

      Meantime, during the tourney I was also playing 3 cash tables at $.10/.25 and doing well. On one I was up 4 full buyins to $125!!! The other 2 were also up ~ 1 buyin.

      Collected 140 Party/Poker Strategy points during yesterdays session. I calculate that by 2 points updates from now, I will certainly achieve Gold level. Looking forward to hitting 2000 strategy points so I can get my PT /PAHUD licences and start finding and fixing my leaks. BR currently at $565, so I may make some more efforts at $.25/$.50 to speed up points and continue to play the tourneys & SnG's.

      That should be all for now....will post again when I have some news.

      Cheers :-)
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    • Puschkin81
      Joined: 14.04.2006 Posts: 4,786
      Hi WarGwad!

      Congratulations for climbing up the limits and doing well in tournaments! Nice story! Keep going and inform us about your progress!

      Good luck at the tables!
    • Mugge88
      Joined: 29.10.2006 Posts: 510
      Damn, nice going :)

      I'm still at the NL5 lvl's - Hopefully I will get to climb up soon-- Had some good days and some bad days, so up around 25$ atm, around 20$ to go before I will move up..

      Good luck in the future :D And as Puschkin: Keep us updated :D