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type of sng to play

    • adrenalina91
      Joined: 14.01.2010 Posts: 32
      I was wondering what type of sng you recommend. regular sng or turbo sng?
      do you also recommend 1 table 2 table or 3 table sng?
      right now I play $1 sng and have played different types from regular to turbo and 1 table sng to 3 table sng but im not sure which one i like the most. I was wondering which one gives you the least variance.
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    • gedwashere91
      Joined: 20.07.2009 Posts: 2,387
      I personally play Speed or Regulars, not Turbo. I think in a Speed/Regular SnG our equity increases, because longer levels means more post flop play (where you will probably have a big edge), and more PATIENCE (which fish lack). Turbo you need very strong ICM knowledge, as the game is likely to go to Push/Fold mode while you are still like 7-8 handed (depending on how many are in the game. I'm talking about the 10-mans on Party). I don't think my ICM is strong enough to be on Turbos, and I get about 90% on the ICM Trainer fairly consistently (which isnt that good...)
    • Roachor
      Joined: 03.01.2010 Posts: 357
      Atm im playing regular 9man 1.20dollar's just cause i want to have experience, im gonna try to play some turbo's but noticed there arnt any 1.20 turbo's on pokerstars (well or its DON's wich i dont find interesting).
    • frzl
      Joined: 25.04.2006 Posts: 9,876
      i would start with 1table sngs. there are a lot of articles and videos about these ones so imo it doesn´t make much sence to miss out on all that.
      it´s a matter of taste if you "should" play regulars or turbos. imo it´s the best way to practice icm from the beginning and switch to turbos sooner or later (or play them right from the beginning). of course you will have bigger swings but you have a lot more traffic and they don´t take as long as normal sngs to finish which should increase your hourly winrate.

      about variance: the shorter the blindlevels the higher the variance