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SSS = many MORE questions that answers...

    • totoandmoto
      Joined: 21.02.2010 Posts: 17
      1) why should I leave table after I have more that 2.5usd??? to protect my already made buy-in from another coinflip???

      2) why do I need to raise exactly 4 times??? why not 3 or 6??? If idea is mainly scare away people then maybe raising of 7times should be done???

      3) all this idea is based on long term mathematical odds... SO.. when I am holding KK or AA in late position and 5 already have made a call why not move all-in???? with AA i would be biggest favourite.. after the flop there always can be 2 pairs.. If there will be one.. or maybe 2 who will take my bait to call that 4x raise.. then maybe they will call direct all-in as well??? I would be 90% favourite to double up.. is not that correct???
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    • elhh82
      Joined: 03.09.2008 Posts: 6,838
      Let me attempt to answer your questions:

      1) The chart/strategy was formulated based on certain EV (expected value) calculations. Once your stack goes above 25, the strategy no longer returns a positive EV when played with the standard SHC.

      2) The idea is to raise around the size of the pot, which is 3.5bb, when there are no limpers. You want to raise just enough to make it unprofitable for people to chase marginal hands, while enough to go all-in when your hand is good. 4 times just happens to be the sweet spot for standard micro limit games using the SSS.

      3) The more you raise, the less likely you will be called. If you shove only with monsters all the time, i will just avoid you like he plague when you do so.
    • totoandmoto
      Joined: 21.02.2010 Posts: 17
      thanks for your quick reply :)
    • s1m0nmp
      Joined: 26.10.2009 Posts: 64
      When you have 5 limpers and you are in the late position, you are thought to go All-In... according to coaching sessions...

      If there are 5 limpers you would raise to about 9 BB which is already ~45% of your stack... On my experience you should go all in... this is where yours stack will move to at least 2.5 BB, and will be profitable for you to leave the table if everyone folds = +6.5 BB... If someone calls you, you are most of the time infront which is even better, as you dont have to make hard decissions on flop play where you will most of the time end up going all-in anyway

      that is what I understood from Vids...
      check out darkzonks NL10 SSS Live session FR coaching vid for more information
      cheers and good luck