who comes second

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    • Jackalof
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      who has second best hand I think, for example if winner has set and second best hand is top two pair, he gets second. but not sure ^^
    • skatelouis
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      2nd best hand but don't play that!!!
    • tokyoaces
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      According to Robert's Rules of Poker:


      35. If multiple players go broke on the same hand, the player starting the hand with the larger amount of chips finishes in the higher place for prize money and any other award. Players eliminated on the same deal who start their final hand with an equal amount of chips receive equal prize money, with the best hand on that deal receiving any non-divisible award.
    • Fagin
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      Roberts Rules of Poker notwithstanding I would suggest you check the rules as displayed on whichever site you are thinkng of. Each site will lay down the rules that apply to the particular games played on their site.

      That said if you are in the bb on the first hand of a STT and everybody else goes all in - FOLD - that way you guarantee yourself 2nd place (unless of course 2 or more hands tie - perhaps with a str8 flush on the board!! - I have seen that before - or quads on the board and 4 players have an Ace).

      I run tournaments for a local league and I always go by the "Best Hand" rule in that if players have exactly the same ammount in chips and are both eliminated on the same hand then the placings are sorted by the best hand.

      It has happend to me once that 2 players went out on the same hand where they both had the same value of chips and both had the same hand - JJ vs JJ vs AA - the Js were always in trouble there lol. Luckily there was no cash involved just points but it did raise some interesting questions.

      Hope this helps.