Is calling Party an option?

    • jefeche
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      Forgot to mention in my last post the reason for it.

      I was just wondering, would it help if all up New Party members caled them over the phone and inquire about these so called tech issues.

      It is a rather huge site with acomplish programmers who would be able to fix most tech issues instantly or within a day or two.

      Would it help if call and inform them, so they can see how many people are waiting.

      I know i used to work for bell Canaa a phone compnay, and if one person called about a TECH PROBlem so to speak, nothing happened.

      But if many called and complained the issue was resolved immediately or as son as possible.

      I wouldnt mind calling them anyway an asking what their technical issues are, for such a huge site.


      Anyone else want to call and inquire, besides me.

      I wont if i am asked not too, but i thought it may help in theeffort to speed up this so called "TEchnical issue""
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