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    • mineriva
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      Yes unless you have a note that he minraises his monsters.

      If the hand goes to showdown and he does show a monster make a note.
    • mishuq
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      imo it depends exclusively on one's game
      if you're a beginner with no stats about those two, I'm sure folding KQ isn't a mistake here.
      if u have stats, u can raise / limp or whatever suits u best against the type of opponents u have
      also, if u have 10 bb for example a push can also be a profitable move (maybe for NL100+ though)

      as for raising amount, it's usually better to treat a minraiser as a limper but when you also have one cold caller after him, I would usually raise 2.5 - 3x the minraise. only because lately I've noticed a new fashion of minraising 1st in with aces and kings... with a decent hand u can still fold if he pushes