good fold?or bad fold?

    • Tirys1703
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      three players: SB: 3700 , BB: 7895 , D: 1755

      blind: 50/100

      I am on small blind with 8h Jh .

      preflop: D: bet 250 , SB: call , BB: call

      flop: 7c Jh 5s
      SB: bet 500 , BB: call , D: rais all-in , SB: fold , BB: fold

      good fold?or bad fold?
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    • frzl
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      i would fold it preflop. after you donked the flop so big you can´t fold to the push from the shortstack.
      btw: why is the J of :heart: in your hand and on the flop? :)
      btw2: there are special hand evaluation boards. pot your hand there next time :)