Moving to NL25 - need help!

    • robpettitt
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      I think this is the right place for this thread, as I hit a downswing as soon as I hit my target and start playing NL25!

      I have been successful at NL10, recently playing Rush on FT, and hit my target BR to play NL25. The story seems the same each time, I play good smallball poker and get my £25 up to $35 or so then BANG! I run into something rediculous with my AA or KK and get stacked or lose 100bb.

      Some examples from today:

      AA on QJx board 2 clubs, he has 9Tc and calls my AI 4bet on flop. I even have Ac but he still hits his club on the turn and I miss my redraw on the river. I know this is not such a bad beat and he has loads of outs on the flop but the thing is I can't remember my big hands holding up in these spots.

      AK v AQ. Flop comes AQT and I flat call his 2/3 pot bet. Turn is J, great I have the nuts and worse outcome is split right? No. River is A and I have to call his effective AI bet because of the pot size.

      Generally I am starting to put down AA or KK if I meet massive resistance (eg 4bet AI on flop) as I KNOW I have run into a set. Problem is I don't get paid when I get my set, 2 pair or better. Eg I get set with 44, flop is 4xx all diamonds, there's even another diamond on the turn! He has 2pair but we both have to check down.

      What I am looking for I suppose is some guidance on playing at NL25 v N10. Is it really that much harder or am I on some cycle of downswing every time I get there? You see I drop back down to NL10 then grind back up, drop back down and so on. For like 5 or 6 times now and I am getting really frustrated. Should I be playing Rush or multitable like i used to?

      Would it help to post some hands for evaluation? Is there a video or strategy document on NL25?

      Help please!!!
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    • tipper1719
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      maybe you're just too predictable and need to add creativety to your game. have you tried playing one single table without stats? focus on every single move your opponents make, until you get into a state where you don't hear thoughts rumbling in your head, and you are not in a hurry of any kind. Feel which players you own, and also who is chewing your neck!

    • Gafny
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      sounds like youre too passive with premiums preflop... also dont be scared to bet/fold later streets.

      Theres no clear difference between NL25 and NL10 in terms of opponents.

      Posting your hands for evaluation is the best thing you can do..
    • robpettitt
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      Thanks guys,

      Just needed a bit of reassurance. Have posted a couple of hands for evaluation and that is really helping.

      IMHO I don't think I play premiums passively pre flop, always raising or 3betting, but I think my problem with them is post flop.

      Anyway positive session on NL25 today, I have reconsidered my game and hopefully fixed a couple of leaks. I aim to post one hand per session for evaluation which really helps.

      Many thanks!
    • p0kerQT
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      Hi robpettitt,

      I can't really give you much advice on NL25 as I am an SnG player, but it seems to me that you are focusing too much on bad beats. As long as you are playing those hands correctly, you should try not to think too much about whether you won or lost the hand.

      Bad beats, coolers and downswings are a part of poker, n you have to learn a way to deal with them, so they don't affect your game negatively. If the game is getting to you, its probably best to take a break while you cool off, and come back when you have regained your confidence n your mind is refreshed.

      I suggest reading some articles from the psychology section, such as the tilt articles.

      Oh and I wouldn't ever suggest anyone fold AA or KK preflop! (Unless you're playing against me :P ) They can be beaten post flop, but IMO I wouldn't let go of them too easily, unless I had certain reads, or the board was really terrible.

      I'm glad things have picked up for you now, n wish you the best of luck.