some questions about PLO(beginner)

    • swatow
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      i am a beginner who playing Rush PLO10 SH on fulltilt poker.
      i have some questions below:

      1. can i take open raise as a standard action preflop when i have a playable hand.
      2. how to evaluate a only A suited hand, such as Ad4dTs9h, in UTG/MP? Can i just limp in? or fold preflop?
      3. how to evaluate a only AA**/KK**, such as AdAs8h5h, in UTG/MP? Can i just play limp/call?or raise preflop?
      4. in hold'em it is not good to cold call much. Can u give me some sugguestions about which kind of hands can cold call or limp/call IP/OPP?
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    • Jackalof
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      1) yes;
      2) fold preflop;
      3) Raise somewhat connected AA (with suit, with other two cards being connected), limp trash aces; same with KK, except you can fold [K K trash trash].
      4) limp/call - AA only; cold call - hands that play well in multiway pots, such as double suited rundowns, two pairs.

      This is regarding Rush PLO only.