Is AA-KK-QQ overpair enough?

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    • Svizac28
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      I'd say it depends on the board. If there is an obvious flush or straight (for example three hearts, or 789) on the board then NO. If board is paired, then MAYBE.
    • BattleHunter
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      just be aggressive to find where you're at.

      At least in my site, people tend to play both a flopped straight (and flush) and a drawing one the same way - just calling (and I guess most loose passive guys on the low limits do that). First thing I had to learn is to not always be afraid when the board is scary - they rarely do have the cards to complete it to nuts straight away.

      Just bet and if you get raised think a bit what kind of opponent you are facing - if he's passive and is raising out of nowhere, then maybe he really did complete the nut hand.
      When an aggressive player is calling on the other hand, he's most probably on the draw. If a safe card comes on the turn bet again-, still leaving you enough room to escape if things get ugly.

      On the other hand, when the boards are rather dry, people at the micro limits (me included :f_frown: ) tend to overplay TPTK type of hands (sometimes even TP with a good to no kicker ^^), so you will pretty much always get payed off by those and win.

      It always depends :P try posting some AA KK QQ post flop hands in the hand evaluation section. I'm sure that after a few examples explained by the great hand judges you will get the hand of it :)

      good luck
    • Avatars91
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      It's just that I think micro-limit players are usually so loose, it is profitable to play overpairs from QQ upwards very aggressively because they will mostly be ahead even if opponents show aggression. At least I seem to be getting quite some profit lately by playing my strong overpairs like this. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on this..
    • tokyoaces
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      Originally posted by Avatars91
      Is AA-KK-QQ overpair post-flop enough for an all-in at the lower limits?
      It's usually enough for an all-in preflop. You just have to decide if the flop texture warrants continuing.

      The best thing to do is just to post some sample hands. Also, pay attention to people's stats. There are always those guys who just sit around all day and only play AA, KK, QQ and AK.
    • thazar
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      Had this hand yesterday where i got AKo i am on BU.

      1 raise on MP I 3bet , then i get 4 bet by the BB and 5 bet by MP

      I thought one of them must have either AA or KK. so I fold and they go all in.

      I would have been against AA and JJ . but to my atonishment the flop was KKK


      I could have trippled up well next time may be. I lost most of my coin flips afterwards lol