My ID did'nt pass

    • zigmasstrankauskas
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      Hello,I have registered for the capital and sent photo of my passport ant telephone bill.But it was denied?Why?I wrote the support but they can't give me any details,Security team have'nt email me back.Can you help me?
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi zigmasstrankauskas,

      PokerStrategy reserve the right to decline any application that fails to meet it's acceptance criteria and are not actually obliged to tell you why.
      You need to pass the ID check as well as the quiz to be entitled to the $50 free starting capital.

      Customer support team are the only ones with access to your details and able to advise you what specifically failed, however if they have already declined to confirm this, it is most likely due to security reasons, i.e. it would give away details of what security measures are in place and could open themselves up to fraudulent persons.

      Whilst frustrating, please respect their decision.

      You could still make use of the excellent first deposit bonuses that we have here and still earn PokerStrategy, however you would need to use your own funds to deposit.

      Hope this helps, best regards,