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    • SuperHandz
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      so I've got a question about how to get the most out of the poker site your using.
      I've been playin for bout a year an a half now annd finally seem to be able (after going broke 6-7 times) to keep to the bankroll management idea and seem to be playing a lot and winning steadily. Thing is though after a year an a half I've opened accounts at lots of sites using various promo codes etc. Now I know your awarded with points etc at the various rooms and a first deposit bonus but if you've already opened or downloaded the software at say full tilt then how could i ensure I could get the most out of playing there instead or the room im playing at now?
      Like for example if (although ive opened an account at ful tilt) could i enter your promo code so i could earn rakeback and strat points but they'd obv see that ive deposited before so they wouldnt match it but at least id still be rewarded for playing.
      Basically could anyone out there give us a rundown on how a player who's opened accounts at say 8 sites get the most from playing wether it be by opening a fresh account with your promo code to get rakeback etc or continuing to use an accountwhich i already have. thanks guys!!
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    • eteris
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      well if you have already acc you will not get strategy points on this site 'cause your account is not linked, but for fulltilt people were able to request rake back on some occasions. just write fulltilt support and ask for rake back, but as I said you still will not get any strategy points if your acc not linked.