Any reasons? Closed Account

    • cubbybri
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      As you can tell, I've dropped to Bronze status as I rarely play Bet365 anymore due to POOR FLH traffic. I want to stay with this community but have registered to too many sites that hard to get tracked.

      I finally decided with Bwin. Had played Poker Room in past but thought I'd see how things were these days and have a second site tracked by PS so that I get the great benefits.

      Well.. Bwin has no FLH in the 3-4 days I have been on the site.

      The issue today was, I tried to log in and got that my account had been closed. The response was.

      Dear Mr -------,

      Thank you for your e-mail.

      We regret to inform you that your account is currently under investigation. As soon as the investigation is finished, we will contact you again via e-mail to your registered e-mail address.

      Please note, that we cannot comment on the grounds of the blocking and are not required to.

      Please see our Terms and conditions:

      " 4. The company reserves the right to exclude users from participating in any of the games of bwin International Ltd. at its discretion."

      Your MasterCard inpayment dated the 08.03.2010 has been cancelled and sent back to your MasterCard provider in the meantime. These funds should be available within your account within 5 working days. Please note that this will not show as a creditation by bwin, however the balance at the time you requested this transaction will not alter.

      We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your patience as we await further details. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

      Kind regards,

      Your bwin customer service team

      bwin acknowledges its commitment to responsible gaming

      I have yet to play one hand on this site. Any way I could get some help on this one. I may not likely ever play here to do this issue but possibly admin can get me some answers... please.

      Maybe I signed up at this site in my infancy days where I signed most everywhere(to my detriment with tracking) but I am 90% sure that is not the case.

      Besides that, I have no possible clue how or why they would just close my account, especially since I have not ven played a hand yet.

      Pretty sick IMO. Hopefully it was for my own security(hacked issue?) but how it stands today, I feel Bwin and a bit PS have let me down. Should not have BWin as a partner in my opinion.

      Please get me some answers.
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    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello cubbybri,

      Unfortunately as its Bwin that have locked your account for investigation then, unfortunately, there is little that PokerStrategy can do in order to help resolve this issue for you.

      As Bwin have mentioned in their e-mail to you that they will be in contact with you once the investigation has been carried out then, unfortunately, you will just need to wait for their email correspondence and then comply with any recommendations that they may have for you in order to get your account unlocked again.

      As you say you haven't played any hands at the platform yet the only thing i can think of as to why they have closed your account for investigation is that they may have detected another account that has been set up previously with the same information.

      I hope this matter is sorted out quickly for you.

      Kind Regards,
    • cubbybri
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      I just wanted to follow up. I know long time but just couldn't be bothered due to the frustration.

      Through some searching, I think I may have found the answer. Is it true that all Poker Room accounts have gone to BWin. If that is the case then this may be why there has been an issue.

      If someone knows if this is accurate, please let me know.

      And Bwins response to me was the same as above, they closed my account but do not have to tell me the reason. Very bad service in my opinion if the case is an account I had on a different site that converged with BWin. I do not even recall getting an e-mail about that if it is true. I had rarely played there in recent years.

      In any case traffic is poor IMO, I just hoped to have another linked site with POkerStrategy as Ipoker has not been doing it for me.

      Thanks for the quick response Steve and sorry for my really late one.
    • s3xas
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      bwin closed my acc too. they send what they aprrowed my id copy, and closed my acc. i write to support but they don t write me back.