Possible leak - when to leave the table

    • ro1chwvd
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      hi ppl

      I think I need some help with this. As I played SSS at first, now, after switching to BSS I find myself very uncomfortable at a table after winning some pots and reaching about 150 - 200BB. I tighten up a lot when I know I should take advantage of my bigger stack, but I just can't. I leave the table, and open a fresh one with 100BB.

      Is this so bad? On the longer run is this unprofitable? I am thinking also that I am still in the lowest limit (NL2) and I see plenty of stacks being lost with monsters vs idiots.

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    • thazar
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      If you are unconfortable to play with a largerr stack, it is better for you to leave. There are 2 solution, you can either start playing with larger stack as your bankroll grow or it might be that you don't ahve a conservative enough bankroll and losing a double stack will hurt you too much. in the later case i would gone down a level and get use to play with large stack.
    • woopstash
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      I agree with thazar. If you are uncomfortable with a big stack, leave. Anything that causes you to stop playing your A game is tilt. However, you can't really move down a limit if your already in the basement ;)

      The only time playing super deep makes me uncomfortable is when there are several big stacks at the table (200bb +) and they are good players. If i have 100-160bb I just play the exact same game that got me the extra bbs to begin with. I don't find its the same as tourney play where the big stack gives you a ton of power.

      The only time I will stay on a table with a big stack is if the other super deep stacks are like 57/37 fish that clearly lucked their way into the money. I will gladly relieve them of the stack with 2pair or better as they love to get it in with worse.