Set Mining in 3Bet pots

    • elhh82
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      I've fallen victim to these set miners quite a few time in monster pots.

      Dry boards, i have AA/KK, i 3-bet preflop, and bet 3 streets. Villain of course shows me some random set.

      Is this a profitable play? I know theres a call 20 rule, but this obviously doesn't work in 3-bet pots unless you play in deep tables.

      Is there a general guideline in set-mining in a 3-bet pot? It seems that we still have pretty decent implied odds due to the villains likelihood of betting into us on many flops, although on a pure odds basis, we don't have the potential to multiply our initial investment as much.

      Any comments?
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    • thazar
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      Put it this way an over pair or a top pair is a good hand but not a great hand. so I would try to keep the pot smallish post flop. If you freebet tight and your oponent has a read that you do. He might think that he can take you all in if he hits the set. In this case a call 10 rule is OK especially if he has position on you. don't forget you hit a set with a PP about 1 in 8 times.
    • kosmonaut111
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      I think call 10 is littlebit too low, about 13 (15) should be ok for these cases. (remember, there are sets over sets and opponent can hit some flush or straight).
      If we take it another way - opponent could 3bet deceptively (67s for example) and if you call his Cbet, you may get to the SD with better hand. also AK goes here.
      and you can make some move postflop also, if you know that your opponent can let go KK or QQ on A75 board, you can try to (check)raise him on flop (although I dont know if this move is profitable in the long run).
      And if you call 3bet for set value mainly, do it in position - much easier to extract value from overpairs.
    • woopstash
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      I was wondering the same thing! I lost a monster pot because someone called a 3bet with 77. They even called a pot sized flop bet to catch the set on the turn. Disgusting.

      I find that an over pair is generally good in a 3bet pot, but any time the opp takes a check/call on flop, check/raise on turn line (especially on a dry board), I'm sure it's a set, and if there's enough money behind that doesn't force me to call, I can find a fold. (This is at NL10 so you could be playing at a higher limit where the play is not as obvious).
    • dicekeyrollz
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      It can be really profitable to play pocket pairs in a multiway pot with several opponents, IF you're in position. It's much to difficult to extract value in either the sandwich position or first position. You'll get "too much credit" for having a good hand when you bet out, since the opponents usually would not expect you to bet into a multiway pit with nothing.
    • roswellx
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      Calling 3bets with PPs is OK but not for set value. If you play fit or fold with PPs you lose money. You should be able to make moves on your opponent for these hands to be profitable and balance your 3bet calling range obviously. Making profitable postflop moves in 3bet pots requires good post flop skills. If you're not confident, just fold your PP and you still should be making $$$.

      On the other hand PPs are great for 3betting. Easier to play them when you have the initiative.