To those of you ICM training people

    • mishkagg
      Joined: 29.07.2008 Posts: 1,354
      So how are you doing ICM wise?

      As for me I tend to get like 95-96% on full random settings for like 300 situations.

      If I set a filter like Hero underdog and One player allin I get a little lower like 93-94%.
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    • pinnryder
      Joined: 10.11.2009 Posts: 597
      I reached 93% after 1000 hands 2-10 people in the game, random hands and 0% hero edge. I guess it's quite acceptable.
      At the moment I'm training ICM on the bubble and it's harder for me to get good results there since I tend to play too tight on the bubble, both as short and bigstack. I guess I'm around ~90% after 300 hands..
    • elhh82
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      damn i'm like at 90% :) which is not good enough

      my problem is i'm not looking at the pot sizes properly when i click push/fold
    • Roachor
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      last time i got around 87 with just pure lucky guesses... i have to study more on ICM etc but unfortunatly i am from home from 7 to 7 and dont have lots of time, so all my time goes into playing :)