I need advice.

    • Magijec
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      I've decided to play poker again. So I logged on my FTP account and spotted that supercool new thing called rush poker. I love it! Problem is, that I have only 60 bucks on m account. Icant play SSS, because minimum buy in is 40 BB and i have only 12 big stacks at the lowest rush poker stakes. So what should i do? Risk it with 12 big stacks or play crippled SSS with 40 bb stacks?
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    • thazar
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      variance is huge on rush. I do play an adapted short stack strategy that seem to work so far with 40BB but it is risky and took a lot of trial and error testing before having it working to my liking and I am still changing as time goes. As a start i would build your br a bit before going on rush.
    • ZhiCheng
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      I d suggest BRM og 50BIs for Rush..
      A) deposit, so your balance will allow u to play RUSh NL5
      B) play normal nl2tables till ur BR is high enough
      edit: BSS either way
    • TheBu11d0g
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      Hello Magijec,

      As has already been mentioned by GooRukYONG, you can play BSS FR NL2 with your $60 and try to build up your bankroll so that you will be able to use proper BRM if and when you decide to try the Rush tables.

      I would recommend reading all the articles available to you, watch the available videos on the BSS strategy and if you have the time then maybe you could attend a few coachings as well.

      You can also post any hands that you are unsure about with regards to how they were played in our Hand Forum.

      Kind Regards,