rush poker AA, KK, QQ

    • jormateras
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      How do you maximize your value with high pairs?
      The problem with rush is that most people fold-fold-fold so when you hit the big hand you will not get payed since everyone is waiting for a big hand too. Another problem is that when you get called, the likelihood of facing a better hand is pretty big.
      I have tried out betting pot, betting 2xbb and even going all-in preflop with the high pairs.
      I have had success but, very often, I just get the blinds since everyone fold after my raise. Also, a constant threat is facing AA with you KK or something like that.
      My question to PS rush players is that how do you guys play your high pairs, and what kind of reflections do you have on them?
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    • mao2093
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      I'm in this situation so often.
      But I don't think that when you get called you can be facing a better hand : you're holding high pairs!
      When I play them, I try my best to be in heads up situation.
      > if early call bb
      > if many limpers strong bet on a rainbow flop
      > if raiser + limpers : reraise to narrow
      > if 1 raiser : limp

      when i called 1bb and only the bb limp, I min bet for value all the way.

      Tell me what you think
    • mannext2u
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      I sometimes play rushpoker. From EP and MP I open raise 4BB, CO and BU I raise pot (3.5BB). If someone has opened raised, I usually reraise to 8-12BB.
      If his raise was called, I try to get him go all-in, or I simply go all-in. On the 170 AA s I got in rush poker in the recent days I had 7.7BB/hand. This is my PF strategy for AA and KK only, with QQ you have to be carefull to avoid situations where you get called by AK AA and KK and nothing else.
      Hope it helps.