Hello from Canada

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    • Hadi
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      Hi Xavier227,

      welcome to PokerStrategy.com :)
      What limits are you playing? Which Strategy?
      If you give us more info, we can help you around the forum.

      Best regards,

    • Ramble
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      Welcome to PS,

      Nice to see another Canadian joining. Did you watch the Olympics? I think we did pretty well. I'm starting to watch the Paralympics now and am enjoying that (Canada won 4-0 over Italy in sledge-hockey last night).

      Pokerstrategy is a great site, the forums are still very friendly and the strategy articles are very well done.

      I always strongly recommend to all new players that they pay extra attention to the bank roll management article. If you follow it closely, it will give you the time to re-read the articles, watch the videos and discuss hands in the forums to really develop your winning game - and it's always funner when you are on the winning end!