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Balance of poker

    • czzoltan
      Joined: 17.02.2010 Posts: 12
      I have just noticed something and I see some positive changes in my bankroll, so I thought I'll share it with more people (mostly with beginners like myself in online poker).

      It could be just my speculation, but many of you might have experienced that sometimes you're on a roll and you keep winning and winning, but after that it just starts going bad, you just receive 2 8 and J3, you lose your patience, a downswing hits you and you lose all the money you won in your series of good luck or even more.

      I know that mathematically this is arguable, but sometimes when you suffer a bad beat or keep losing money (even if not too much) in a row, it just makes your play worse. I believe that one of the most important things to learn in poker is not to go on tilt whatever happens, but it is hard to swallow for anyone when you have a set of Kings on the flop, the turn brings you a full-house and the river brings a straight flush for the opponent. Even the pros can't take it with a smile all the time.

      Sadly, bad beats and bad luck is simply inevitable and if you can't deal with it here's my advice (it worked for me):

      - keep playing while you feel that you can do your best and make good decisions, but when you start losing a few pots in a row, and you feel that you're getting nervous than just give it up..
      - leave the table with the money that you have, don't try to take revenge on no one if you feel that you got bluffed or someone took your money with 5 3 when you had AA, because it is very easy to notice when someone is on tilt and your opponents will just look for the right moment to hit you
      - when you feel that you're going down, simply go away from the computer, go for a walk or go out for a drink or smoke a cigarette or whatever cools you down, but keep away from the game at least for a few hours

      I am quite new to online poker, I've been playing for years poker with my friends and others, but never really had the courage to make a deposit at a poker site because many of my friends who did, have lost their money in just a couple of days and I didn't want to end up like them.
      For me as a beginner in online poker it was a bit new that in 20 minutes I get pocket Aces 3 times, and things I saw once a year like when AA, AA, KK is dealt to 3 people, happen almost daily in online poker.

      The conclusion is that more hands = more good cards = more money, but you can also lose everything in just an hour if you don't play as you're supposed to. When I started playing it was just hard for me to swallow that you can lose 3 times with AA in just half-an-hour, and it resulted in bad play, like calling with KJ in early position because I lost my patience, I took the game too personally, etc. So after all this philosophy, I think that it is still better to win just 3$ a day than to lose 10$ (if you're playing on the lowest limit). :f_biggrin:
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