[NL20-NL50] JTs flopped bottom 2 pairs - a lil bit deep

    • roswellx
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      $0.10/$0.25 No Limit Holdem
      6 Players
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      UTG Hero ($37.89)
      UTG+1 cesbass ($26.80)
      CO RamosKGB ($36.33)
      BTN Artisss ($35.14)
      SB CJS1610 ($25.10)
      BB midAAs ($25.85)

      Pre-Flop: ($0.35, 6 players) Hero is UTG 10 :club: J :club:
      Hero raises to $1, 3 folds, CJS1610 calls $0.90, midAAs calls $0.75

      Flop: J :heart: K :club: 10 :spade: ($3, 3 players)
      CJS1610 checks, midAAs checks, Hero bets $1.70, CJS1610 raises to $4.75, midAAs folds, Hero calls $3.05

      Turn: 5 :spade: ($12.50, 2 players)
      CJS1610 bets $8.75, Hero folds

      Final Pot: $21.25

      CJS1610 wins $20.63 (net +$6.13)

      midAAs lost $1
      Hero lost $5.75

      Villain is 23/17/0.7

      This is a clear fold after turn bet right? or did I induce a bluff check raise with my smallish cbet? I should have bet around 2.3 - 2.7 and fold to a raise ? This way I burned money right?
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    • caltabiano
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      First things first: remember that it makes no difference being deep, when your opponent isn't :D What really matters is the effective stack (i.e. the smallest stack). Since your opponents are 100bb deep, you're playing with 100bb stack ;-)

      How many hands do you have on this guy? Do you have any specific reads?
      Against a strong value range, our equity is really bad, since even something like KQ has a lot of equity against us. It's really a matter of what kind of players he is. If he's super aggro, we should just get it in on the flop. If he's c/r a tight value range only, we should be folding. There are way too many hands that beat us.

      I think if you choose to call flop, you should jam blank turn. But in order to call flop, villain must be c/r stuff like Qx, maybe J9, AJ, etc. If the plan is to fold on a blank turn, we're better off folding on the flop, which is a pretty safe alternative. Against an unkown it's a good idea.

    • roswellx
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      Thank you