Thanks Guys Love Party

    • jefeche
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      Thanks for fixing those tech issues. I apologies for asking so much LOL.

      So far so good. I managed to build it up 4 extra bucks and collect 2 party points in less than half hour.

      I would of had 2 bucks more but made a bad decision and lost 2 bucks, but thats ok.

      I have some hands i want to share for some advice but i am not sure how to post them.

      I sent them to my email address but i know you want them in a certain format.

      What program do i use and how do i post it..

      Or is there a help file on it.

      Also i notice at those micro limits it would take me probably more than 90 days to receive te bonus.

      Or better yet.. say i play an hour and get 2 Party points. i would have to have played 400 hours to clear bonus or better yet apprx... 18 full 24 days...
      even at 4 hours a day.... 8 pts... would take 100 days...

      which means i have to risk more to moveup a level..

      Anyway thanks a million.
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