is it worth changing $ to E on pokerstars???

    • Leito99
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      i guess its not that related to poker but poker is about winning so would i win if i changed my currency to Euro???
      i live in europe by the way so i guess that matters
      if yes would the currency changing fees not be too much on stars??

      thanks in advance
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    • ihufa
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      if you by E mean extasy, possibly
    • Leito99
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      hmm....i dont have the euro sign on my keyboard....or at least cant find it

      ok new it worth switching $ to € on stars???
    • Fiszy
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      I'll assume you mean €...

      If your profile information is correct, then € is the obvious choice.
    • Cealin
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      I think you should only change to Euro if the tables/Sng's that you usually play are there in Euro's. Are they populated enough? Are there comparable amounts of fishes?

      If both questions are positively answered, then switch :) .
    • Styr
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      Not that I like speculation, the euro seems to be weakening, and most of the tables and tournaments are still in US dollars, at least in Pokerstars.

      So I personally would not change.
    • Leito99
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      hmm...i guess i a tough one but i decided to go ahead and change cuz there is no fee on it and i live in a country with the euro not dollars...
      might be a bad idea as i still play games in dollars
      ah well...less chance of going broke cuz my brm is bigger now

      but now im on a downswing cuz lookin at the shrinked figure depresses me :p
    • Hades1313
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      In don't know about exchange rate and stuff ... but from what i read u get a better FPP rate for euro. If i remember u get 0.2 fpp/$ rake. Doesn't seem much ... but ... if u do the math after a while .. u can see the difference. So if u find a good table in euro u should chose that over $
    • opal99
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      It doesnt matter that much if there's not exchange fee (isnt it now? beause it was..). If € is your home currency than I'd go for € account but it's not the most important. The thing is, if your account is non-euro, you should exchange GBP/USD/CAD to EUR before you withdraw - it's because bank will always charge the exchange fee which is quite high.