Some feedback on the elephant

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      Good morning,

      I play on Everest Poker.

      There is some feedback on the program:

      1)Would be good to have in HUD display:

      - donk bet % of an opponent on flop ( There is only % fold to donk bet)
      - Steal from CO and BU separately ( There is only Late position open raise)
      - Was trying to find resteal % ( It has smth like "After steal attempt and 3 bet from SB Raise" - Don't understand what it says to be honest, there are several meanings to it)

      There is SB/BB actions but no resteal to CO/BU or Late position in general

      2)Can't see my own stats, there is a window that says own stats but it never shows up

      3)Analysis doesn't have $ EV, Overview doesn't show win hands without seeing the flop, etc...

      Now good things hehe:

      4) Pop-up window design is extraordinary, like it much

      5) Analysis and Hands features are pretty good.

      It is a great piece of software overall, keep it up.

      Thank you for your time.

      Sergey Minko
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