[NL2-NL10] NL10, AA laydown vs donk

    • thorturgutt
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      vs donk with 49/0 after 50 hands


      the flop was pretty drawheavy, when he bet that small on the flop and called a pretty big raise, i knew he had hitted something on the flop, either a flush draw or a 10, i doubt he could have a 9 or a 2 after my raise on the flop, the turn was the worst card in the deck for me, the 10 of diamonds. and the rather small bet on the turn seems to me as he induced me to stay in the pot with him, which makes it more unlikely my aces where good

      are my thought process okei here ?
      or should i have sticked to the aces?

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    • soonish
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      Good fold in my opinion.He s got the ten or the flush, I don t with waht he can ca you re raise on the flop with. His range is quite big here. he could even have a set of two, T9. For some reason I find it hard to put him on a flush.
    • Shevtshenko
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      You should raise atleast a pot size on flop. Since, he's a callingstation you just want to get as much money in as possible, as soon as possible. If he's still calling your pot sized raise, you propably can safely fold/check back bad turns and revaluate on river.
    • thorturgutt
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      thanks guys
    • MaestroOfZerg
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      He's a huge fish he likely doesn't care about the size of your preflop raise, so bomb it. I'd go for $1.5-$1.75.

      Agree with Shevtshenko on the rest. That turn is just about the worst possible card for us and his line really looks like he improved on the turn somehow, so we're letting go.

      Hope it helps.