2 pair high kicker

    • farbwenz
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      I just limped in with ATo (SB) and flop showed 22T (2 pair, A high). So I bet, and someone raised , I went All-in and lost against his A2. Then I started another game, limped in with A5s (CO), hit a Two-Pair 66/55 A high, bet, was raised, went all-in and lost against his A6.
      It happened to me quite frequently recently, so I'm asking whether I was just unlucky or whether I should respect his raises?
      Both games were 30 ppl 1$ NL
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    • pinnryder
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      Don't get it in with low pair/top kicker, there are just too many hands that have you beat, especially in the beginning of the tournament. If it's early don't play these weak aces at all...