Question regarding same household

    • TCircles
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      Hello All,

      I have had a fulltilt account now for a while, and have had successful deposit histories and play quite regularly. Never made use of any free bankroll or promotions fro this site.

      My girlfriend on the other hand wants to start learning poker and playing low stakes, and would like to try it out using a free bankroll offer from

      If she opens a fulltilt account she will be using the same address as me ( we are both legally written in here). Would she still be eligible for the free bankroll(if she passes the test, which she is studying hard for now:P ). We will obviously not be playing in the same games (cash or tourneys), but was wondering if we would run up against any problems with the release of the 50$.

      So in a nutshell, would it be a problem to receive the free bankroll on a new account if the account shares the same street address as another (older)account.

      Looking forward to your replies, keep up the great work with this site.
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi TCircles,

      Your girlfriend is more than welcome to also join.

      To avoid any problems, I would recommend dropping a message to the support team letting them know of both of your user names.
      You will both need to supply ID proof to ensure you are different people of course.

      As you both will be playing at Full Tilt, I would also advise dropping Full Tilt's own support team an email too. Generally they wouldn't have any problems either, other than you can't play the same tournament as you've already mentioned.

      It's always best to say these things up front rather than wait and possibly encounter problems in the future. If you let both PokerStrategy support & Full Tilt support know, you shouldn't have any problems.

      Hope this helps, best regards,

    • TCircles
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      Thank you for your answer!

      Providing ID should not be a problem at all.

      I will also contact both support teams and let them know.
      Thank you and have a nice day :)