$11 9man sng Graph

    • GramatikovBG
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      I know it's not something from which you can say where are my problems/leaks but anyway I decided to try and ask if someone has an idea of what could be the main reason for this weird looking graph.
      This is 9man $11+1 turbo sng @ FullTilt

      1st 9.8% 4th 14.7%
      2nd 13.4% 5th 15.5%
      3rd 15.8% 6th 12.1%

      Would appreciate any kind of advice.
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    • lessthanthreee
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      first off. +-20BI swings are completely standard. ive seen 12% regs over 15k games on this limit swing 5 or 6 times like this in 2k games. also ive seen huge winning regs on this limit swing for 70BIs+ (search 'vico2008' 2010 results if you want)

      this is my lifetime graph on that limit (11+1 turbos on FTP) running at 8%

      there is at least 10x 20BI downers, and about 5x > 20BI downers.

      your variance is pretty standard HOWEVER i would be concerned with that EV trend. dont get too worried about BE stretches. as you can see ive had a fair few 700+ game BE stretches in my time on the limit.

      hope that helps.