Clearing out my additional $100 bonus

    • gintizz
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      Hello, I have recieved my 50$ starting capital few weeks ago. Now i have 1800 Mansion club points and i still have not got my first 10$ bonus. Do i need to collect 2000 Mansion club points to earn an additional bonus and if i do, will i get 20$ or additional bonus is counted after clearing my 50$ starting capital?
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    • justkyle88
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      Hey gintizz,

      Welcome to and the community.

      Congrats on receiving your starting capital and looks like your doing well to clear it.

      AFAIK, you have to collect 2,000 MCPs then your bonus will be unlocked in $10 increments every 2,000 MCPs.

      The $100 bonus
      Your $100 bonus will be activated automatically within 48 hours after receiving your $50 starting capital. Once it has been activated, you only have to play poker.

      Payment: The bonus is paid out in $10 increments for every 1,000 MCPs you earn. To earn the entire $100 bonus, you must earn 10,000 MCPs.

      6 month time limit: You have 6 months from the day you receive your starting capital to earn as much of the bonus as you can. If you fail to earn the entire bonus, you can keep what you have earned.