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Genki Stumbling up the Limits

    • Genkidesuka
      Joined: 10.11.2009 Posts: 104
      Hey all.

      I'm Cameron, I'm 18, I'm from New Zealand. You probably have heard of it but have no idea where it is...

      Anyhow. I used to play Bridge. Was pretty damn good at it too. One day I was at our National Congress and I talked to this wife-and-husband couple who were our opposition for one match. They said they played poker as well as bridge, and told me stories about going to the casino for a tournament and walking out $2000 richer... I was enthralled. I actually only played tournaments some days because I needed a few extra dollars ($20 buyin, first prize $50, 44 entries, imagine that! Much less variance though so I won in about 90% of cases).

      So, I watched WSOP 2008 and 2009 main events almost back to back over the next week and was hooked. I immediately made about 10 accounts on different sites looking for freerolls (of course not realizing how difficult that would make my life come 6 months). Never really got anywhere.

      Found PokerStrategy one day. Thought it was a scam, like many others before me. Passed the quiz, got the $50, took back my previous thoughts. Played on PartyPoker, mainly played SH SnG's with a nitty 15BI BRM. Managed somehow to not go broke and ended up at about $170 where i promptly withdrew and redeposited minus $60 into PokerStars because I had seen how many sponsored players were in WSOP and quickly assumed it was the best place to be.

      Started playing with my usual 15BI BRM at stars and dropped down to almost $50. I was horrified. What was going wrong? So I quickly went back to PokerStrategy and studied my ass off. Net result was I decided to try a bit of SSS to clear my bonus quickish and rebuild my bankroll.

      I played on and off for a few months but in the last 3ish weeks (ironically since uni is back) I've really started playing and have been very happy with my results. I got my 2nd bankroll at Everest and am up to about $170 on that just SSSing (wow that site is fishy, taught me to 2nd barrel in almost all cases with AK high because its often a value bet), and am up to $380 at Stars, which is a huge achievement for me. Just yesterday I managed to make $140 ($65 cash in a 180 man, $35ish SSS, $45 $3.40 9 man SNGs).

      So I guess this blog will track my progress. I've decided to play 9 man SNGs with a few MTTs on the side, because big cashes are almost inspirational.

      I actually only started my SNG conquest yesterday, and these are my figures:

      # played: 25
      ROI%: 55.6%
      Placings: 20% 1st, 16% 2nd, 12% 3rd, 48% OTM
      Profit: $47.30

      Yes it'll eventually even out. I'm not that far above EV though, only about $5.

      I have decided to start playing the $5 + $0.50 normal SnGs because I enjoy the playability of them rather than jumping straight to Push-or-fold. I have nearly 80 buyins which should be enough for me.

      Short Term Goals:

      Play 100 $5 + $0.50 SnGs
      ROI% >10% over these 100

      Medium Term Goals:

      Move up to $10 + $1

      Long Term Goals:

      Millionaire etc

      ...anyone suggest any good goals for me? :D
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    • Waiboy
      Joined: 18.09.2008 Posts: 4,877
      Hey Cameron, nice start mate!

      Sounds like you've got the background and motivation to do well. My only suggestion is to forget about ROI type goals. For a bit of background, take a deep breath and an open mind to this awesome blog by Augustus Ceasar.

      The absolute best goal you can set yourself is based on study. The more you study the better it is... you'll eventually win enough to play the beginning of decent stakes if you just grind because micros are so beatable. The problem becomes beating people with some idea (ie not good but not terrible). The more you study the more chance you give yourself of getting to play some decent stakes!

      Variance will form a large componenet of how much or often you win, the only thing you can control is the way you play each hand... make sure you're always working toward playing that hand the best way possible.

      Best of luck!
    • Genkidesuka
      Joined: 10.11.2009 Posts: 104
      Yeah I know, but it is pretty difficult to do =/ I'm rather results oriented but I guess once I get experience I'll find it easier to drift away from the amount of money I've won or lost this session.

      Will be playing some today so we'll see how I do.
    • peche025
      Joined: 14.12.2008 Posts: 1,387

      Best of luck to you, i'd also recommend lessthanthree's blog, it's a really good read for an aspiring SNG player, he went from the $3's -> $22's.