PokerStars Expensive Rake?

    • BllackWolf
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      I have just received my $50 credit on PS and would like to start playing SnG tournaments, but I see the rake for the lowest limit games is $1+$0.20. Doesn't this 20% rake pretty much rule out any profit a novice like me could expect to make?

      Could someone who has successfully gone down this route and made it up to the next level give me some advice and let me know how long it took etc. and whether the 20% rake made a big difference? (compared to 13.333% rake for $3+$0.40 SnG).

      Thanks ^^
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    • Anssi
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      They have 20% only for 1$ games. All other sites have 20% up to 3-5$ sng's. You might want to try multitable sit and goes, they have very small rake. Of course for those you should first study some material about multitable tournaments.

      Oh, and people still make profit at those small stakes, because there are also so many bad players/gamblers.

      The euro sit and goes also have smaller % rake.
    • nibbana
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      If you want to play on Stars, which is a good site if it's linked to your pokerstrategy account then you need to be a little more aggressive with your BRM in my opinion. I played the $1.20's until I reached $100 and then started on the $3.40's. There's two reasons, one is that the players are equally as bad. The other is the rake difference. Given reason one, if you can beat $1.20's for say 5%ROI then the equivalent at $3.40's is 5.3%ROI. 10% becomes 10.6% and so on.

      If you don't have a fullTilt account or have one set up through PokerStrat already I would highly recommend playing there instead.

      *Free Cardrunners & Stox (for reasonably high volume)


      *Better software
      *Better customer services
      *A top heavy rewards system which is only good if you're grinding like mad or playing high stakes

      I know which I prefer
    • BllackWolf
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      Thanks for the advice, I think that definitely makes sense cos of the rake, as soon as I hit $100 I'll move up. Haven't tried Full Tilt yet, I guess I'll make use of the $50 I got at the moment at stars and give FT a go later on.