Funny situation happened an hour ago.

    • jefeche
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      I was sitting at a table.... real loose table..
      NL5 and i sat in with 2 bucks.. since i had 43.... i basically said 20 buy ins at 2 bucks... i should be ok..

      Anyway 2 guys are chatting and apparently they are both from poker stradegy... so im like cool some competiton decent players .

      i get dealt AA 5 limpers... i raise 4 times plus 5 to 36 cents i think.

      the one guy moves in so i call heads up... he as A7 and wins..

      He then says sorry....

      Next hand immediately i have KK.. i raise 4 times UTG and teveryone folds but the CO who pushes me in.. i had like 1.02 so i call and he has A9 and i win. So i had 2 09 and left up 9 cents. The CO was the other guy..

      SO i am wondering can you post some sort of article to express in a small table of BB at 4 cents going all in fo 1 or 2 bucks is huge.. i mean those hands are trash hands...

      ANyway i left with 9 cents and just thought thee guys are not reading their articles... LOL

      anyway since last time i had 43 bucks... its back to 51 after playing tight and aggressive.
      Articles are great have helped... and i am at 24 points now.. so im hoping to get to 100 oints in next few days..

      I have other bankrolls i am trying to cear poits for and working on getting referrals.. so we wil see..

      At least i am up a buck...and have some pts..
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    • altruist
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      Glad to hear you're up money :) Keep at it! Don't worry if your bankroll goes down $20-30, it happens, it has happened to me. As long as you keep at it playing proper poker, you will make money.