Nl Fr Hud

    • peche025
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      I was wondering what stats people use for the above.

      At the moment i've got

      VPIP / PFR / AF / hands
      Steal % / fold to steal / 3bet /fold to 3bet
      cbet / fold to cbet / WTSD / WTSD win %

      I'm thinking of adding limp call / limp fold and fold to 2nd barrel

      Any thoughts would be appretiated

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    • MrMardyBum
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      I'd keep the config you have right now as that's already three lines and starting to look a bit hectic, but add the other stats you need to a popup as they are much less likely to be used on a regular basis.

      This is what I do, but if you are happy with loads of HUD covering the actual table then I guess it's up to you.

      I did have a massive HUD once and it just done my head in after a while.

      EDIT** Also I guess it depends on the amount of tables you use, if you are a 4 max type of player then I guess having loads of stats isn't to bad, but if you are a big multi-tablier then 3 lines I think should be your max, as it gets real annoying after a while.