Playing the board - who is the winner ?

    • Betandrun
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      Somebody can explain the rule to determine the winner when two players play the board ?

      Take the examble that the Board is a Straigth 4 to 8.

      First player hole cards are K & J
      Second player hole hands are Q Q

      1) Is the pot split into the two players ?
      2) The First player wins the pot thanks to his K ?
      3) The second player wins thanks to his pair of Q ?

      Many thanks.

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    • daytripper84
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      Yes, the board is split. Even if one player held AA, and the other player held 72, if the board were 56789 for a straight the pot would be shared amongst the players excluding the rake.
    • Catinthewall
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      Think of it like this. Every person makes the best 5 card hand. because straights and full houses need all five cards, there's no room for a kicker to improve the hand.
      Similarly, kings over aces loses to aces over kings, because AAAKK has a better third card than AAKKK.
    • advola
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      Im holdem not like other variences of poker
      you dont need to use all your dealt cards -
      you may use both , one card , or none of them if the board is better...
      In your explanation both players cant make a better hand then
      the straght on the board so they dont use there cards and
      that meens they both use the flop=same hand=split pot.