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      Few months ago i got starting capital at partypoker... honestly, it's not that I needed that money, it was more that i was more trying to feel some other online poker room then pokerstars where I am playing all the time. I build my BR to $100 and i got tired of playing there, so i played few $50 SNGs and lost it all (It was like... if i hit a good run... great). Honestly, I didn't like it at all to play at partypoker (sorry partypoker fans :P ).

      So, I kept playing at pokerstars... but i started playing much better, thanks to pokerstrategy articles and coaching sessions that i was attending for that short time. As i know that my pokerstars account can't be re-tracked... now i want to withdraw my BR and to move it to full tilt (never had an account there), because i really want to have access to pokerstrategy services. :)

      I read a lot of posts at this forum... i know all about rakeback... first deposit bonus... i just want to post check list of things that i have to do in order to complete registration properly and not to miss anything (I would really hate that).

      1. withdraw money from pokerstars;
      2. download full tilt software (do i need to do this through the link from poker strategy)
      3. Create a new account with "PSVIP" bonus code in order to receive $600 first deposit bonus and to get to the "rakeback fellowship" :)

      That's it. Is it? Am I missing something? Is it as simple as this?

      You don't have to comment anything about software, or tables, or players playing at FT... i read a lot about that... I just want to make sure that this is the right procedure?

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