hello Mods,

Probably i should open a support ticket but posting in the forum is much faster so i decided to write about my issue here. i dont want to rush and bitch about my issue because it is not so serious just wanted to ask for some feedback on its status and also to inform other users in case the experience similar problems. On 27.02 i started playing in FTP again after veeery long brake (8-9months). I noticed i am not receiving PS points and on 06.03.10 16:54 i opened a ticket in your support system. On 10.03.10 20:32 i received confirmation from support that they will take a look at it and on 15.03.10 23:06 i was informed that i am tracked both at FTP and PS but it seems there is some technical issue and your software developers will have to look at it in order to re-calculate my points.

One week later still no update on this topic. Any news?