-ev? play for big chip stack

    • PkChamp
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      Just wondering what peoples thoughts were on taking a situation where you are a small underdog ev wise but would give you a massive chip stack and increase your chances of winning the tournament overall. For example if you were in a 4way pot with a strong draw but were slightly priced out but if you win the hand your chance of winning he event doubles.

      Can a -ev tournament chips play be +ev in terms of prize money for example you risk -5% or -10% in tournament chips but if you win increase your chance of cashing for a higher amount. Is there any merit to this idea?

      Obviously flipping -ev with a massive M is foolish (except maybe against Ivey) but what about if your stack is dwarfed or you are moderate with the chance of being "the biiiig dawg"

      Has anyone seen this idea discussed before?

      Looking forward to hearing your opinions

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    • bradomurder
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      yeah i've seen it discussed. its more for situations where you are very low stack very early and need to get back to a having playable stack, same applies just after the bubble bursts but with a fairly flat payout for ages, again only if you're small as.

      I'd advise against other than that

      don't worry about getting HUGE early.

      say you start at 1500 and get to 9000 in one hand, it doesn't really help that much compared with the value of staying in the tourney.