Strategy Points PROBLEM

    • nedim20
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      This happened to me on bet365.
      I play micro limits and I have a PT3 so I know how much rake i produce (exactly how much rake I PAY) and I have been getting less strategy points than what I am supposed to get. The problem is that it didn't happen only once, but several times.
      I know at micro limits it is irrelevant, but they don't give me my points. But if you look it at the percentage its about 25% of points I don't get for some days and if I would play higher limits that could pile up to huge amount of points. I have actually wrote to support on which day I played and exact number of the hand I produced rake...
      Example: I have played two hands on which the rake was above $0.53 overall (SSS NL10) which would only for those two hands give me at least 2 SP... for the whole day I got only 1.4 SP, whereas I have payed even more rake. I waited for two days to see if the SPs are gonna come but NOTHING.
      Did anyone have the same problem???
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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi nedim20,

      Don't forget that PT3 just provides an indication of the rake and is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Also some platforms have other conditions relating to rake such as capping/collaring i.e. rake per hand is sometimes capped at an upper limit or needs to acheive a certain lower rate to count.

      I don't actually play on bet365 so have no idea of their own specific rules.. sorry, but I'm guessing there will be a list on their website somewhere.

      PokerStrategy points are automatically calculated based on the rake earned list sent through from each platform and are updated regularly but can sometimes take a day or two to come through.

      As you've contacted support, I'm sure that they will check your account is being tracked correctly for you.

      Hope it goes ok, let us know how you get on.

      Best regards,