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Titan Rakeback FAQ

    • Catinthewall
      Joined: 17.09.2009 Posts: 50
      Titan Poker does not offer automatic rakeback. It has an alternative system, in which you save your rake points up, and when you are ready, you can exchange a fixed amount of points for a fixed amount of dollars, and the larger purchases are better deals, so it's a balance for you on whether you want x monies now, or you can go for the next deal which is even better! As of this writing, they have play through bonuses "Coming soon". When they do, the math should be just as usable.

      Partypoker has a similar rakeback system, but please note titan does not require you to be a certain rank to collect a pack. All players can get all size packs, so there is no pressure to buy if you're close to losing your rank. or pressure to save if you're close to going up. It's all up to you. has all the official info. Note that the calculation graph displays point total AFTER BOOST, be aware of this if planning bonus grinding.

      When you cash in points, how would you calculate your effective rakeback rate?

      First, take your boost percentage, and convert it to effective multiplier by adding 100, then dividing by 100. eg. Platinum's 60% boost is an effective multiplier of 1.6.

      Calculate how many points you earned per dollar of rake, either by getting it exactly from your tracker, or use the generic estimate of 17 points per $. Multiply this by your effective multiplier for your true PP$.

      Now go to and choose which bonus you want to redeem your points for, and look at the points per dollar.

      divide your true PP$ by the points per dollar of cash, and the resulting number times 100 is the effective rakeback percentage.

      Do points expire?
      Yes, after 12 months. Imagine at the end of each month you get given a box of points of all the points earned plus the bonus points, labelled with the month's name. all the points earned in Jan 2010 vanish on Feb 1st, 2011. obviously, spent points are taken from the oldest box first.

      What's the effective rakeback during the deposit bonus?
      3 months to get 72000k for $600.
      Assuming you get the entire bonus, and start at the beginning of the month, you need to earn about 800 points a day, or about 24k points each month during the 90 day period. Assuming you manage to get each month's point total more than 17k, and you get the total 72k needed, with that doubled, you can redeem it for a total of $1270. (1 $800, 3 $150, and 2 $10)
      Obviously, it's quite worth going for a total of 80k pure points, as this last 8k gets you $480 more. Going for the $1750 is worth it even if you're planning to bonus whore elsewhere after.
      In total, you earned an effective rakeback of $1750 plus the bonus $600 for 160k points.
      This shows an overall points per dollar of 68.
      the doubled PP$ of 34/68 = .5
      50% rakeback* for three months! Not bad at all.
      *If you earn exactly 80k points, and even then it's only 49.9375% back.

      P.S. 80k/90 days equals playing 888.8r points a day.

      What are the minimum requirements to get a rate comparable to Full Tilt's fixed 27%?
      If you play 10-17k a month, you need 80k points.
      17-35k a month, the 20k bonus gets you 25.5% back, the 80k bonus jumps to 34%.
      35k+, and the 20k becomes worth 28%.

      What's the best possible rakeback available from Titan?

      17 times 2.2 (Diamond's 120% boost) is 37.4.
      37.4 / 58 (the best bonus redeemable) equals nearly 64.5%. Better than P*!. If you're willing to wait until you've saved 7 million points. And since after 12 months a month's points expire, you need to earn about 265k pre-boost a month. Good luck on doing that while staying sane.

      That's it from this math geek. Any other related questions on the math side of this metagame?
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